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King Danza Intervistato da ThanksForTheBumps. Parte 1

King Danza risponde alle domande della storica pagina ThanksForTheBumps, formata da un gruppo di esperti e fans statunitensi che su varie piattaforme valorizzano e riportano in auge il wrestling old school e i suoi personaggi. Famose sono le loro Artworks ed il loro approccio alla disciplina.

Who are some of your favorite wrestlers of all time?

Hello everyone, for those who don't know me, I have the honor and pleasure of introducing myself to all of you!

My name is King Danza, I'm an italian Pro Wrestler and actor with world experience.

I started at 15 training with Ultimo Dragon and Okada (that he was still a kid and you can see on my social the “Chop Competitions” that he and I used to do!), and I had the chance to train with Ultimate Warrior in 2007 during his return to NWE.

In addition, I attended numerous House of Hardcore Tommy Dreamer’s and Jeff Jarrett shows in Poughkeepsie, Brooklyn , New York and much more !

One of my greatest achievements was to be at the age of 25 in Philadelphia 2015 at the WWE ROYAL RUMBLE ringside with Adam Rose and the Rose Buds for the “famous rescue” of Kofi Kingston and for the Kick - Off of the show.

William Regal gave me this assignment: I was the ringleader directing the action, I was the one who at the end of the scene slams his hand on the apron ring during the WWE camera close-up.

I was also an extra talent for Smackdown! few days later where I had the opportunity to do meet many colleagues and legends of our business.

After my brief presentation, I can tell you all that I thank you for this interview!

I've probably never had a favorite wrestler but I certainly have a great passion for studying territory wrestling: in any case, if I had to name a name I would say Ric Flair and Jerry Lawler.

Any particular gimmicks from wrestling history that you love?

I've always been intrigued by the ring work of Ox Baker, Kevin Sullivan and Lawler, Legion of Doom.

I love and practice old school wrestling a lot.

For me accurate striking and other certain things are fundamental. I remember Tommy Dreamer telling me that one of my main strong points was my punches.

Coming a little more to the "present" I certainly also greatly admire the work and figure of Triple H or Brock Lesnar.

What is your first memory of professional wrestling?

Personally definitely my first match during a huge NWE tour in France and Spain against

Big Vito Lo Grasso.

An emotional memory instead is undoubtedly connected to the film "Man on The Moon" about the life of Andy Kaufman when I was 9.

Was there anything in particular that got you into wrestling as a fan?

The union between physicality and theatricality.

When did you make the decision to pursue wrestling?

When I was 9, as I mentioned earlier, I saw the film about Kaufman's life with Jim Carrey.

I fell in love with this business and never left it.

What are some things about trying to make it in wrestling that most people wouldn't know?

People don't know what's behind the life of a professional Wrestler.

My whole day is characterized by unbearable pain, almost uselessly appeased by dozens of pills and even doing small actions can be difficult for me.

Pro Wrestling is certainly choreographed but all the time spent in the operating room and living with a strong post-traumatic stress because a lot of very heavy injuries,

I assure you that it is true, more than true. Above all, all the money I spend on medicines, therapies and so on is true (unfortunately).

Do you have any dream match-bookings for yourself?

For mere satisfaction I'd like to wrestle Lawler or Flair, mostly to ask for some information and learn even more tricks of the business!

What are a few matches from 2023 that you loved?

In 2023 I am focusing very much on my body and bodybuilding which I unfortunately had to partially "neglect". There are many very interesting projects and surely with my newfound and famous physicality the promoters will give me something right for me.

What are some promotions or workers that maybe don't have as much national or global exposure that fans should seek out?

I honestly currently believe that there is no promotion in particular but individual talents that should be united and deserve more visibility.

What art forms outside of pro wrestling inspire or inform your work?

Without a doubt I take inspiration from real characters and true events to enrich my credibility in the ring.

Another mainstay is my idol aka Elvis Presley, who always provides me with huge points of inspiration.

It's not a parody, i’m nothing to do with Elvis, but the expressiveness and the movements and many other things are often a mix. For 14 years now I have been conducting a psychological work to make the experience for the public unique and memorable.

Who outside of pro wrestling inspires you?

Elvis 100% but also some movie actors or unexpectedly something, say, on the news strikes me and I find a way to insert it into the fight.

If you could have any band make you a custom entrance song for you, who would it be?

I'm lucky because a very famous rapper in southern italy called Patto MC composed and sang my entrance song (in Neapolitan slang) which i've been using since 2016.

It's really a crazy hit!

If I had to choose a band, I'd look for the one that gives me the most vibes suited to my style, it's not easy to choose!

Tell us what you see for the future of pro wrestling. Be as vague or specific as you want.

I believe that the new generation of fans has inevitably changed what was the original nature of pro wrestling.

As long as there are major gains for the big companies, I don't think we need to "worry". Personally, however, I would like today's young fans to learn more about the figures who have made history but also about those athletes who are, perhaps, little remembered but who have made an important contribution.

What are questions you ask every organization/promotion before you agree to work with them?

I make sure I have all the necessities I need.

I have a series of requests on travel, accommodation and I'm asking if there will be filming, photos and what location it is.

I'm quite accommodating but unless it's a charity event, I expect my conditions and requests to be followed to the letter. Clearly in return there is all the professionalism I can devote.


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