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tiger boy - 2012 goon film

Tiger Boy is a short film made in 2012 da Gabriel Mainetti. As already happened in his previous works (Sideburns2008), the Roman director also signs the production and the music, while the story and the screenplay are by Nicholas Guaglianone.

came into the world - 2o12  medusa films

Born into the world is a movie of 2012 directed by Sergio Castellitto, film adaptation of thenovel of the same name di Margaret Mazzantini.

The film stars Penélope Cruz e Emile Hirsch.

wrestling with reality - 2013 P. Cardinale Jr.

DOCUMENTARY ABOUT PRO WRESTLING: King Danza and much more! attended by Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore.
Presentation trailer of the documentary "Wrestling With Reality" made in USA by Patrick Cardinale. The documentary chronicles the experiences in the wrestling business from the point of view of some new professionals and aspiring athletes. In the documentary is a vast space dedicated to the experience of King Danza.



  • 2013 - Donatello's David

  • Nomination for Best song (Twice born) to Arturo Annecchino

  • Young David candidacy for Sergio Castellitto

  • 2013 - Silver Ribbon

  • Best scenography nomination to Francesco Frigeri

  • Best sound nomination to Maurizio Argentieri

  • 2013 - Goya Prize

  • Best Actress Nomination for Penélope Cruz

  • 2012 - San Sebastian International Film Festival

  • Concha de Oro nomination to Sergio Castellitto

inspector coliandro - 2016 manetti bros.

Inspector Coliandro is a television series Italian transmitted since 2006 by Rai 2, and since 2017 also by RaiPlay and later by Netflix.

love and underworld - 2017 manetti bros.

Love and underworld is a movie musical del 2017 led by Manetti Bros., starring Serena Rossi and Giampaolo Morelli.

  • 2008 – Rome Fiction Fest[59]

  • School Jury Prize for Italian new talent of the long Italian series to Xhilda Lapardhaja

  • 2009 – Cinema and Fiction Gala in Campania[60]

  • Best Fiction Actor Award to Giampaolo Morelli

  • Best television actor to Giampaolo Morelli



  • 2018 - David di Donatello

  • Best film a Carlo Macchitella e Manetti Bros.

  • Best Supporting Actress a Claudia Gerini

  • Best costumes a Daniela Salernitano

  • Best Musician a Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi

  • Miglior canzone originale a Pivio e Aldo De Scalzi e Serena Rossi e Franco Ricciardi e Giampaolo Morelli per Bang Bang

  • Nomination for Best Director a Manetti Bros.

  • Nomination for Best Original Screenplay a Manetti Bros. e Michelangelo La Neve

  • Nomination for Best Producer a Carlo Macchitella e Manetti Bros.

  • Nomination for Best Supporting Actor a Carlo Buccirosso

  • Nomination for Best Set Design a Noemi Marchica

  • Nomination for Best Makeup to Veronica Luongo

  • Nomination for Best Hairstyling to Antonio Fidato

  • Federico Maria Maneschi is nominated for Best Editing

  • Nomination for Best Sound to Lavinia Burcheri, Simone Costantino, Claudio Spinelli, Gianluca Basili, Sergio Basili, Antonio Tirinelli, Nadia Paone

  • Nominated for Best Special Visual Effects at Palantir Digital

  • 2018 - Silver ribbon

  • Silver ribbon for the best soundtrack a Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi

  • Silver ribbon to the best original song for Bang bang performed by Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi e Serena Rossi

  • Nino Manfredi Award a Claudia Gerini for Love and underworld e A casa tutti bene

  • Nomination for Best Comedy Film at the Manetti Bros.

  • Nomination for Best Producer a Madeleine, Rai Cinema: Carlo Macchitella e Manetti Bros.

  • Nomination for Best Actor in a comedy film a Carlo Buccirosso e Giampaolo Morelli

  • Nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy Film a Claudia Gerini e Serena Rossi

  • Nomination for Best Cinematography a Francesca Amitrano

  • Nomination for Best Costumes a Daniela Salernitano

  • Nomination for Best Live Sound a Lavinia Burcheri

  • 2018 - Gold Ciak

  • Best Director a Manetti Bros.[1]

  • Best Supporting Actress a Claudia Gerini[1]

  • Best soundtrack a Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi[1]

  • Miglior canzone originale a Pivio e Aldo De Scalzi e Serena Rossi e Franco Ricciardi e Giampaolo Morelli per Bang Bang[ 1]

  • Ciak d'oro Female lightning strike a Serena Rossi[1]

  • 2018 - Gold globe

  • Best Comedy at the Manetti Bros

  • Nomination for Best Music a Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi

  • 2017 - Venice International Film Festival[2]

  • Pasinetti Award for Best Film

  • Pasinetti Award to the best actors for the cast

  • Special mention at the Soundtrack Stars Award for the music by Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi

  • Golden Film Award for the best director of an Italian production in competition to Daniele Spinozzi

  • Competing for the Queer Lion[3]

  • In competition for the Golden Lion for best film

  • Competing for the Green Drop Award[4]

  • 2017 - Noir in Festivals

  • Candidate for the Caligari Award[5]

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